By Mary Castenada

Albuquerque NM.

How do cult leaders manage to deeply influence and manipulate their followers? What is it about the Gurus or cult leaders that impress and inspire the followers so deeply that they no longer listen to their own voice of reason, and instead blindly follow the leader?

The answer is simple. The Guru seems to know the follower's innermost desires and wishes and fears and other characteristics. He always seems to know what exactly to say to the follower to soothe his tormented mind. And how does he do that?

Before we answer that question , here is some homework to do, and you should do this today itself. Go to this website http://dailyhoroscope.org  and download the PROFILER software. Install it on your computer (it is FREE) and run it. Now enter your own birthday into the profiler. You will be stunned at the information that comes up.  Now take it a step further, run your boss's birthday on the system, and get his profile. If it says "He tends to have a lot of back problems", next time you talk with him, throw in some remark about "My dad was having back pain, and then he started using heat wraps and he seems to be doing much better now, today I am going to pick up some heat wraps for him." Naturally the boss is going to have some warm feelings towards you now, since you seems to have something in common.  Or, let us say his profile says "His childhood will be a time of great trial, but he somehow makes it in life", you will know when and how to drop some remark that alludes to successful individuals who overcome unfavorable circumstances they faced in childhood.

Do you see how this works? If you have inside information about a person's psyche, about that person's life in general, about his secret fears, his secret wishes, his failures and his strengths, you can manipulate that person easily, and win him or her over to your side, to achieve whatever you want to achieve. That person will forever be under your influence, and it does not matter if he or she is your spouse or your friend, or your neighbor or your boss or your co-worker.

The PROFILER works like magic. It has been downloaded around 1,50,000 times around the world, and many successful people use it in their everyday life to help manage relationships of every kind. Most of the folks using it are in sales and marketing, where access to crucial knowledge about the customer can help close the sale. This is ok as long as ethical lines are not crossed. There is a thin line between influencing a person and manipulating that person. We suggest that you keep in mind the fundamental rules of human society that forbids using psychology and horoscope to play with another human being's mind.